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Quickly removes all contaminants from firearm barrels
Model # TTL-501I
Size: 4oz.

Tetra Gun Copper Solvent quickly removes all contaminants from firearm barrels. Use as the first step in bore conditioning. This solvent won’t “etch” the barrel and it will remove copper, lead, plastic, carbon, dirt. Fast acting, extra strength formula.

* Use as the first step in bore conditioning
* Fast acting, extra strength formula
* Won’t “etch” the barrel
* Removes: copper, lead, plastic, carbon, dirt

About Tetra Gun: Thank you for your interest in Tetra® Gun care products. For over 25 years, FTI has specialized in the development and manufacture of performance products for the firearm industry. Hunters, competitive shooters, law enforcement, military personnel and collectors worldwide recognize Tetra® Gun care to be of the highest quality and value available on the market today. Tetra Gun’s standards for performance and value benchmarks continue to lead the industry through innovation, honesty, work ethic and integrity.


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